Membership Application

A company must be a current prime or subcontracted Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) Contractor prior to requesting membership to the Goddard Contractors Association (GCA). Please refer to the GCA By-Laws for Membership requirements and policy.

You may apply for membership (or apply for changing membership from a Corresponding Member to a Voting Member) by completing the following online form and submitting it electronically.

Please anticipate at least a two week application processing time. The elected Board of Directors will have the right to verify the requesting member company’s GSFC contract(s) dollar value with the NASA GSFC Procurement Office and will promptly vote on each application.

NOTE: Voting members must have >$1M in contract value at GSFC; otherwise select Corresponding.
Current Contract(s), Role(Prime or Subcontract), Most recent fiscal year Annual Value (only complete if applying for Voting Membership), Customer POC (Name, email, phone number)