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2014 Presentations

    Date Speaker Position / Role Topic
    03 Dec 2014 Michael Johnson Chief Technologies for AETD Cubesats at GSFC / DELLINGR Cubesat mission
    05 Nov 2014 Mike McGrath GSFC Chief Procurement Officer Procurement Update (no slides available)
    05 Nov 2014 Bill Ochs James Webb Space Telescope Project Manager JWST Status Update & Overview
    08 Oct 2014 Craig Tooley Project Manager Magnetospheric Multiscale (MMS) Mission
      DeDe George Office of Education Follow-up / Intern Fair (no slides)
    17 Sept 2014 Neil Gehrels PI WFIRST WFIRST - AFTA
    10 July 2014 Steven W. Squyres NASA Advisory Council (NAC) Chair and Cornell University Professor of Astronomy NAC, mission to Mars
    26 June 2014 Dr. Christyl Johnson Deputy Director for Technology and Research Investments NASA Technology Priorities, Goddard’s Health and Technology Roadmap
    14 May 2014 Wallops Trip (No slides available for download)
    Debbie Fairbrother Balloon Program
    Joe Carpico Antares
    Bill Wrobel Wallops Director Luncheon program, wellness of Wallops and highlights/td>
    Gerrit Everson Global Hawk Ops Control
    Dave Krause Sounding Rockets
    Keith Koehler Tour Guide
    22 April 2014 Rebecca Spyke Keiser Associate Deputy Administrator for Strategy & Policy, NASA HQ NASA 2014 Strategic Plan
    13 March 2014 Julie Baker GSFC CFO FY 2015 Budget (no slides available)
    12 Febuary 2014 Tom McCarthy Associate Director Earth Sciences Projects Division ESPD Update
    Peter Hughes Chief Technologist/NASA GSFC Technology Roadmap
    Bryan Guertz Patent Lawyer/ NASA GSFC Intellectual Property
    30 January 2014 Mike McGrath Chief Procurement Officer/NASA HQ Procurement Update
    Charlie Hudson NASA Federal Credit Union Financial Wellness Services available to Goddard Community

2013 Presentations

    Date Speaker Position / Role Topic
    05 December 2013 Seth Statler Associate Administrator NASA Office of Legislative and Intergovernmental Affairs Update from the Hill (no slides available)
    05 November 2013 Allen Cutler Senator Shelby’s Staffer, Commerce, Justice, Science Subcommittee at US Senate Committee on Appropriations (no slides available)
    13 October 2013 Chris Scolese GSFC Center Director Open Discussion(no slides available)
    18 September 2013 Bernie Collins Senior Advisor for the Director of Science and Technology for the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, Space Universal Modular Architecture (SUMO) slides available
    14 June 2013 Adrian Gardner GSFC CIO and Director of ITCD, Information Technology at GSFC slides available
    13 March 2013 Julie Baker GSFC CFO FY 2015 Budget (no slides available)

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